Words from consumers of “Hisui from Okunagara River” Page.2

Effect after drinking of our “Hisui” water

Ajinomoto Trading
Mr. Higuchi

I have been receiving treatment of kidney disease. As a result of drinking of water from 2004 summer, urine volume was increased 2.5 times more at the recent urine sampling examination compared to before drinking.
Primary doctor surprised and asked to get a bottle of water. Monitors in my company are increased.

Mr. Takibuchi
Former Mitsubishi Shoji

My two brothers died due to large intestine cancer. Malignant polyp has been found to me too. So I was much worried. But, malignant polyp was disappeared at the examination after drinking of 23cases of water.

Iwatani Sangyo
Mr. Nagashima

My blood-sugar level was 185. Became 140 after one month. Became normal level after three months.

Horiba Advancetechno
Mr. Kushino

Atopie of his eldest son, Mr. Takeshi, became much better after drinking for 3 months.
His blood-sugar level improved to 120 from 200. And weight became to 72kg from 80kg.

Daiichi-Kangyo Bank
Mr. Nakagawa

My blood-sugar level was 285.
Drinking 2l of water per day without medical admission/medicine.
After 3 weeks, my blood-sugar level became 204.
After 8 weeks, my blood-sugar level became 164.
After 2 months, level became less than 120 as normal value.
As a result of cessation of drinking for 6 months, the level changed to worse 223. After restart drinking, the level improved to 130.

Ymada Foods
Mr. Yamada

Get over my constipation. My blood-sugar level decrease less than 120 from 230.
(*The largest Natto manufactures in Tohoku section.)

Iwai Kikai Kogyo
Mr. Hirashima

Due to the diabetes, my vision has been worse and I have not been able to drink alcohol. But both have been better. I became healthier.
(*Iwai Kikai is a top maker of liquid treatment equipments exclude beverage filling equipments. Annual business is 250 hundred million.)

Mr. Sugiyama

I had a bad liver. But it has been fully-healed.
I have been drinking 5 cases per month.

Nagoya city
Ueda orthopedic clinic

I have drunk many kinds of water before. But this water has high quality in taste and effective. I recommend this to patient who has lower back problem and gout. Most patients derive a great deal of benefit.

Nagoya city
Mr. Yamada (female)

3cm breast cancer has shrunk to 1cm after 3 months. I am also drinking Agarikus.

Nagoya city
Yamashige Liquor shop

Wife has got over her constipation. High pressure and Diabetes of husband has been improved.
They are selling to their customers from their experiences.

Aichi Prefecture
Mr. Kato

Effective to constipation.
After drinking 5 cases, my blood pressure has went down.

Mr. Ogawa

I have started drinking from my friend’s recommendation.
My first impression was “mellowness”, and it’s soft and pleasant to the taste.
My skin has become moisturize as I continued to drink.
My fatigable constitution has been improved.
I prefer to continue to drink in the future.

Ueda city
Mr. Nomoto

I was diabetes. After drinking, I have got over my constipation.
After 3 months, my blood-sugar level has become to normal level. My condition is very good.

Ageo City
Mr. Yoshino

I have been undergoing rehabilitation due to brain infarct 5 years before. After drinking this water, my condition has been very well.
Recently, my doctor said, “Your blood is very clean and blood pressure is stabilized.

Yagoya city
Mr. Masui

Serum triglyceride levels were decreased to 300 from 500 after drinking for 1 month.

Oota pref.
Tanabe san

Be soft and pleasant on the tongue. Gives his old-dog every day.
It reduced the symptom which was similar to an epileptic attack.
He thinks Hisui worth for feeding pets.

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