Relationship of oxygen radical and active hydrogen water

In the human body function, there are much oxygen radical existing, which is studied that the 90% of cause of illness.

The reasons for production of oxygen radical has been said that from pollution caused by current modern society such as air pollution, food additives, smoking, alcohol, and mental stress. If you are in modern society, it is almost impossible to escape from those issues to deal with.

In order to eliminate the oxygen radical form human body function, there are some proven foods, which are vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin E, B-carotene; however, it still has inefficiency to digests, absorb, and carried by each cell in the living body in blood.

On the other hand, if the active hydrogen with which hydrogen potential was contained abundantly is sendable, a hydrogen electron will neutralize an oxygen radical easily and will take the oxidization power.

Considering that digestion and absorption are easy since the molecular weight is small and 65-70% of the whole body is organized by water, the water becomes the quality of an anti-oxide that active hydrogen water is safer than what other health food and efficient so that free radical will be eliminated.

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