Activation of Water

The concrete fact was unified about the functional water and the characteristic, and in order to draw a general law, the Tsukuba functional water research institute was founded in Ibaragi Prefecture in 94. Furthermore, a 50,000t pure water tub is made from the cost of 10 billion 1,000m below ground in Gifu Prefecture, and the Tokyo University is studying the elementary particle from the universe. It is said that water and ion can explain all the substances on the earth.

Although the 0.5-gauss line of magnetic force was emitted by surface of the earth from the magnetite inside the earth, there is only 0.25-gauss currently by air pollution, factory discharge, life discharge, and agricultural-chemicals spraying.

Although it is generally alpha portion of H2O+α (PH, hardness, electrical conductivity, etc.) when analyzing the quality of water, we have concentrated on paying attention to the H2O itself, by satisfying the insufficiency of a free electron with far-infrared radiation ceramics and a magnet about the change in the free electron distributed over the nuclear circumference, electronic saturation power becomes large creating reduction water with the original energy of water.

Since a water electronic group (cluster) is small, oxidization reduction potential becomes water near the humors of 180mv(s) and it becomes that a mineral ionizes and it is easy to be absorbed from a cell membrane; metabolism is performed actively and becomes spiritual water.

Since a lot of active hydrogen is included in our “Hisui” water, elimination of the oxygen radical known as causes of almost all bodily sickness are performed by our technology of magnetic field processing and far-infrared radiation ceramic processing so comparing with other water, it has far more advantages of effect. Oxidization is in the high state to which the electron was taken and the substance emitted energy. On the other hand, Reduction is in the high state of the energy, which the substance combined with the electron.

It is called the oxidization reduction potential (ORP), the standard measurement of the degree of reduction. Lower the number of this value, it is considered to be reduction water. However, too low of this value, it is not good at a relation with bodily potential. For the drinking water, between +150-200 is suitable. Since tap water is the high oxidization reduction potential of the degree of oxidization of +600-700, it is not good for body health.

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