Mineral deoxidization water "Hisui of Oku Nagara River"

Since it is non-heating asceptic filled, it is very delicious healthy functional water.

1. You have to drink water with unboiled water.

Water, which carried out heating sterilization completely has oxygen and carbon dioxide run short, and the minerals of calcium and others also decrease, and the differs from unboiled water (H20) biochemically. It is because it becomes that calcium changes to calcium carbonate and not easily absorbed by the body. If the hot water and the unboiled water (H20) which were boiled are compared, the effect will fall from 1/4 to 1/5.

2. Water is the source of a life.

Shortage of moisture in the living body will stop performing metabolism of a cell completely. People are not having with five days if there is no water in the ability to be considerably alive even if there is no food. It is because it will be impossible to commit a cell. Drink of unboiled water (H20) has the rejuvenation effect. The metabolism of a cell is barred and senility is rash in those who seldom drink unboiled water (H20). Drinking water as much as possible leads to aging prevention.

3. Take 2L everyday little by little

"Unboiled-water (H20) drink" is effective also in cardiopathy, liver disease, and high blood pressure. Although those by whom the body has become bloated in cardiopathy or liver disease from ancient times are told that water must not be given -- such a patient should take unboiled water (H20) little by little. It is made things If it gives it a try, urine will come out well, and dropsy will also will be gone. Since cholesterol is removed and the mobility of blood becomes good resulting lowered blood pressure.

If the way of drinking with right unboiled water (H20) is adopted, it will be more effective than medication for healthy recovery.

※1 and 2 or 3 items are from Mr.Watanabe Tadashi doctor(Graduated from Hokkaido University in Medication) by "breakfast detrimental theory."

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