7 conditions needed for healthy water.

1.Water containing much contaminated Oxygen

○ Natural water (unboiled-water)
Water which all animal and plants need.
× heating water (Dead water)
For sterilization, only human being is drinking as luxury goods. Heating changes calcium to calcium carbonate. The absorptivity to the body is not efficient. The carbon dioxide and oxygen which are contained in water decrease and are not delicious.

2.Water of Group with Small Molecule Group of Water

There is much oxygen (20%-30%). It is easy to be absorbed into blood vessels.

3.Magnetized Water

As for a mineral, it is most effective to take into the body from water. Too much pure water is not good for the body because the water and water inside of body system differ from osmotic pressure. The water of the village of longevity in the world is groundwater, which began to spring through the layer of magnetite.

Minute activation of a mineral molecule → crystal thing is prevented. Comprehension phenomenon → soft water-ized phenomenon → transformer mineral phenomenon

4.Water with balanced minerals

Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium sodium are the nutritious food of water.

5.Water with weak alkalinity, 8.5 or Less PH

PH1 (acidity).~PH7 (neutrality).~PH 14 (alkalinity)

Since humors are around 7.25 PH(s), high alkali water is disqualified as an object for daily drinks.

Gastric liquid has PH 2. The various germs which entered from the mouth are killed with the strong acid of 2.

If high alkali water is drunk, gastric liquid becomes thin and cannot kill various germs. Water near

6.Water with temperature close to 36℃

Temperature, which does not have a stimulus to the body system. It does not mean delicious water.

7.Water by Which Chemistry Contamination is not Carried Out of Various Germs

Since chlorine sterilization of the tap water is carried out, while there are few various germs, chlorine compounds (trihalomethane etc.) and chemistry contamination are pointed out from each opposite side.

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