TV report

On Nov 26th in 2000, TV program called “Special mission research 200X” has showed “Miracle Water” of Toracote in Mexico, which cures various diseases, and reported on nutrients of the water containing high level of active hydrogen. Active hydrogen is H, H plus H equals to H2; therefore, decomposed hydrogen becomes active hydrogen. However, above-mentioned water contains natural mineral nutrients, which lead the water to be called “Miracle Water”.

This information was provided by TV report “Special mission research 200X”. (2000/11/26)


An immunity cell emits an oxygen radical to a virus, and the body is protected from an attack and infection. This, which damages discharge and a normal cell for an oxygen radical superfluously in response to allergen, such as pollen, is an allergy-like. However, if active hydrogen is in the inside of the body, it can be connected with the oxygen radical emitted superfluously, and can change into harmless water.


Sugar is taken in by the insulin made from the pancreas at a cell. As a cause of generating, insulin does not function normally. The cell and acceptance area of the pancreas by starting abnormalities on the acceptance area, which receives sugar, tend to receive an obstacle in an oxygen radical weakly. An oxygen radical change with active hydrogen to harmless water, and it is thought that insulin and an acceptance area will improve.

High Blood Pressure

If oxygen radical is connected with unsaturated fatty acid, it becomes lipid peroxide, and arteriosclerosis will start and blood will serve as high blood pressure being difficult to flow. But, it prevents unsaturated fatty acid becoming lipid peroxide because active hydrogen is connected with oxygen radical and becomes harmless water.

Infection by Virus

An immunity cell emits and repulses oxygen radical. But, when a virus advances in large quantities, it will be ruined by the oxygen radical emitted superfluously. Consequently, infection will be occurred. However, active hydrogen eliminates excessive oxygen radical and an immunity cell does not ruin itself. Hence, it becomes easy for infection to heal up.

AIDS Virus

For this situation, active hydrogen works effectively. If an AIDS virus enters into a cell, it will emit protease. This protease is required when an AIDS virus increases. There is character in which active hydrogen is connected with protease, breeding of an AIDS virus is stopped, and it is said that it becomes extinct soon and is improved.


A telomere becomes short whenever the usual cell repeats division. And if all telomere are finally lost, division will become impossible and it will become extinct. However, the cancer cell is increased infinitely, without becoming extinct in order to restore a telomere by telomeraze. However, active hydrogen blocks combination of telomeraze and a telomere, changes a cancer cell to a cell with a life, and becomes extinct eventually.

It is said that it works in the activation hydrogen effect to such various illnesses. Although research of full-scale active hydrogen has just started, and the example which was main as for the report is taken up moderately, but many cases are in practice already reported.

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