Active Hydrogen Water

The function as the anti-oxidization water

The illness may come from water. -- The improvement of “everyday-use” water realizes health and safety in your life.

1. Water and Life

We take in and discharge average of 2-2.5L every day. "Water" occupies about 70% of human's body, and serves as an indispensable base of a life. The water taken in by the inside of the body permeates promptly to all the corners of a capillary, supplies nutritive substance and oxygen, and has the work which carries out excretions, such as wastes in the living body and carbon dioxide. It prevents taking out sweat, cooling the body, pressing down sweat and heat escaping. Moreover, the quality of nutritious food is melted or work very important for a vital reaction is carried out. Probably, water may be considered to be our life itself. The life was born to ancient water and has employed us efficiently in the form of blood or humors. There are many opportunities to touch "water" also in a living environment, and they begin drinking water. All life acts, such as a meal, bathing, and washing, start in "water", and are finished with "water".

2. Water and Environmental Pollution

The recent earth environment pollution is connected seriously with contamination of water. The sulfurous acid gas contained in the exhaust gas and factory smoke creates acid rain, and kills a plant. Moreover, it is polluted with the head of a big city by about 500 kinds of chemistry substances, and it is said in it that about 200 kinds of chemistry substances are still contained from the purified tap water. Our body cannot be healthy, supposing it continues taking the polluted water, since our human body is like the river, which water enters and exit continuously. Now, how about the tap water which we use every day? In order to protect the safety on public health in tap water, chlorine gas and the sodium hypochlorite with strong oxidization power are supplied to purify. Sterilizing properties are maintained, as long as these are in the water, since bacteria, such as coliform bacillus, which exists underwater, are the translations currently sterilized by such strong oxidization power. Therefore, when taking water from the faucet of each home, isolated chlorine 0.1 ppm or more is obliged to remain on Water Supply Law. Although it is an important thing that it is safe water on public health, when taking into the body, touching a body surface or cooking, isolated chlorine is not needed so it should be removed or returned, and after making it harmless chlorine ion, you should use.

3. Oxygen Radical and sickness

It has become clear in recent years that the oxygen radical causes various illnesses, such as aging, cancer, diabetes, and atopic dermatitis. Contamination of the atmosphere, the ground, and water rises generation of oxygen radical, and we are anxious about it in having caused the healthy obstacle. Oxygen radical is generated in the process, which produces energy using the oxygen inhaled inside of the body. It has been made clear in latest research that this oxygen radical carries out important work in living body defense, but also the excessive oxygen radical creates detrimental to a living body. Oxygen radical takes charge of a defensive function as an immunity system when a foreign substance goes into the inside of the body, on the other hand, it combines with cholesterol, unsaturated fatty acid, etc., makes oxidization cholesterol and lipid peroxide, damages Gene DNA, and causes illnesses, such as aging, arteriosclerosis, apoplexy, myocardial infarction, and cancer.

4.Anti-Oxidizing Quality of Water, and Reduction Water

Quality of an anti-oxide against cancer, polyphenol contained in red wine, tea, or vitamin C, which activates function of immunity system. However, if it has been taken excessively, it is said that it also becomes the generation source of oxygen radical. On the other hand, water is the only substance, which penetrates a biomembrane and a brain blood gateway, and it been expected its potential to include the anti-oxidizing quality in the water.

5.Magnetized reduction water = Active hydrogen water

As a result of research of the anti-oxidizing quality of active hydrogen water, although it was becoming clear, also in magnetic field reduction water, content of active hydrogen was verified by the joint examination of a manufacture maker and a university laboratory, and the experiment result of eliminating an oxygen radical was also obtained the other day. In addition, the anti-oxidizing quality of active hydrogen water was announced by the international academic journal in 1997.

◎ “Hisui of Okunagara River” gives a powerful magnetic field to the electron of water, it makes the cluster (molecule group) of water small through sterile filtration, and fresh packed. Active hydrogen is included while water regains original character by this, and it becomes active water and various functions are demonstrated. For example, cellular tissue will be easy to be absorbed because the cluster of water becomes small improving the function of metabolism system. Therefore, while promoting discharge of wastes or a toxic substance, a cell and the activity of an organization can raise spontaneous cure power leading a healthy and comfortable life.

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