Effect on Ionized Mineral

Since it is non-heating asceptic filled, it is very delicious healthy functional water.

1. You have to drink water with unboiled water.

The No.1 country, where many long living people existing, is Japan in the world. Where is the background of aging advance? It is because that there are many men of 80 or more years old of life expectancies. That is, the direction of the Meiji birth has fine genius. In order to fulfill the life for a healthy long life, it is foundations to pass by the living environment natural till adolescence. For that purpose, clean air and pellucid water are necessary, and as long as the environment is kept, you do not become dotage and a living at a vegetative level. That is, the origin of preventive medicine has started the environmental preservation of water. Furthermore, you should accept the benefit of the ground obediently.

It could be concerned that the origin of a life was concentrated on ionizing the mineral. Chinese medicine of the foundation is also medicine stone.

The material of ceramics is the highly purified Metasiliccate ion, and this is an element of the same family of germanium. Much of this mineral is contained in mineral reduction water. The best seller, unknown usage of the Metasilicate acid, supposes that the cause of the incurable disease of much emotion instability originates in shortage of a mineral. As that suggests, shortage of a nutrient required for a man of today, especially a mineral is clearly has seen, and the reasons are from acid rain, a chemical fertilizer, agricultural chemicals, etc which are caused by agricultural products of the farmland of polluted soil with shortage of a nutrient. This is the background to which mineral ion has been brought into the light.

The reasons of the geriatric diseases are increasing not only to elderly people but to the low age group has been said that is from psychogenesis stress. The fundamental cause had the direct cause in the fall of resistance to the stress that comes from inside and outside.

Although many ways of staying healthy are in booms, various things, such as musical therapy, aroma therapy, yoga, needle therapy, and a stoma method, are in fashion as those with an effect, for example because those who need them are increasing in number. Let me repeat stating once again why it is increasing.

The shortage of mineral ion barred blood circulation metabolism and respiratory metabolism, and was making it the insufficient constitution of oxygen. I hear that many ways of staying healthy make oxygen metabolism prosperous, and the effect has been demonstrated. The environment of the proper eating habits, which do not become the shortage of oxygen, is important. Isn't just rich “Hisui” of mineral ion indispensable to a man of today.

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